At the 2002 Business Meeting in St. Augustine Florida, the Association created a FHSLA Librarian of the Year Award to recognize an individual within FHSLA that was shown dedication and make contributions to his or her library.


The deadline is March 10, 2017

General Criteria (required) to apply for the FHSLA Librarian of the Year:


The recipient will receive an individual plaque, as well as the traveling plaque at the FHSLA Annual Meeting for his/her recognition as the Librarian of the Year. It is requested, but not required, that the recipient be present at the Annual Meeting.


Announcement of the winner will be made at the Business Meeting.


The Honor and Awards Committee will receive application forms and determine that applicants have met the general criteria.

A point system will be used as an evaluation tool in the following areas: influences and accomplishments at work, outstanding achievements, contribution to the profession, and leadership qualities.


Nomination form (Word)